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Columbia, Kentucky-The Mid-South Conference office released its 2018 All-Academic Team on Wednesday. Seven members of the Edward Waters football program had the honor bestowed upon them.

Offensive Lineman Trimi Slade, Punter/Placekicker Christioni Robinson, Defensive Back Timothy Davis, Jr., Defensive Back Alfredrick Tyson, Offensive Lineman Jarius Joyce, Wide Receiver Basil Spencer, Jr., and Running Back Michael Floyd were among 222 conference student-athletes that comprise this year’s team.

In order to be nominated by an institution, a student-athlete must maintain a minimum grade point average of 3.25 on a 4.0 scale and must have achieved at least sophomore academic status.

2018 Mid-South Conference All-Academic Team

Name School
Kenton Presley Bluefield  (Va.)
Alex Martin Bluefield (Va.)
Zachary Wright Bluefield (Va.)
Matthew Beaver Bluefield (Va.)
Jacob Sutton Cumberlands (Ky.)
Tyler Pendelton Cumberlands (Ky.)
Miles Sherman Cumberlands (Ky.)
Devon McMillin Cumberlands (Ky.)
Adam Smith Cumberlands (Ky.)
John Owens Cumberlands (Ky.)
Zack Simbeck Cumberlands (Ky.)
Jerry Lunsford Cumberlands (Ky.)
Mason Sherman Cumberlands (Ky.)
Hunter Sims Cumberlands (Ky.)
Carter Nelson Cumberlands (Ky.)
Logan Mann Cumberlands (Ky.)
Austin Bennett Cumberlands (Ky.)
Cole Genders Cumberlands (Ky.)
Nick Herrmann Cumberlands (Ky.)
Meredith Waugh Cumberlands (Ky.)
Matthew Castner Cumberlands (Ky.)
Adam McClain Cumberlands (Ky.)
Nick Amaya Cumberlands (Ky.)
D’Marcus Brewster Cumberlands (Ky.)
Jarrett Cornelius Cumberlands (Ky.)
Austin Ysidro Cumberlands (Ky.)
Jonathan Hutson Cumberlands (Ky.)
Keshawn Catlett Cumberlands (Ky.)
Tanner Dotson Cumberlands (Ky.)
Ben Watson Cumberlands (Ky.)
Hunter Asher Pikeville (Ky.)
Troy Hill Pikeville (Ky.)
Sean Cook Pikeville (Ky.)
Dennison Lowe Pikeville (Ky.)
Hayden Moore Pikeville (Ky.)
Bradley Cleveland Pikeville (Ky.)
Jason Jones Pikeville (Ky.)
Nathan Pray Pikeville (Ky.)
Luke Adkison Pikeville (Ky.)
Ned Avies Point (Ga.)
MarQuez Jackson Point (Ga.)
Connor Romo Point (Ga.)
Jordon Small Point (Ga.)
Samuel Storm Point (Ga.)
Chase Turner Point (Ga.)
Christopher Watts Point (Ga.)
Dezric Cook Reinhardt (Ga.)
Brian Tillery Reinhardt (Ga.)
Michael Arnold Reinhardt (Ga.)
Christopher Brock Reinhardt (Ga.)
Billy Hall Reinhardt (Ga.)
Jaquez Hart Reinhardt (Ga.)
Brennon Holden Reinhardt (Ga.)
Carson Ivester Reinhardt (Ga.)
Sebastian Legarra Reinhardt (Ga.)
Jonathan Novicki Reinhardt (Ga.)
Kentavious Rhodes Reinhardt (Ga.)
Devin Francois Reinhardt (Ga.)
Cole Glommen Reinhardt (Ga.)
Dawson Mitchell Reinhardt (Ga.)
Sterling Sykes Reinhardt (Ga.)
Trevor Carlton Reinhardt (Ga.)
Edward Dudley Reinhardt (Ga.)
Chase Hawkins Reinhardt (Ga.)
Stanlee Logue Reinhardt (Ga.)
Nicholas Marquez Reinhardt (Ga.)
Schuyler Martin Reinhardt (Ga.)
Ian Schumacher Reinhardt (Ga.)
Andrew Whisenant Reinhardt (Ga.)
Sir James Prothro Reinhardt (Ga.)
Treneilus Craddock Reinhardt (Ga.)
Jacob Young St. Andrews (N.C.)
Alvin Brown Union (Ky.)
Alex Anderson Union (Ky.)
Stephen Jackson Union (Ky.)
Cody Petero Union (Ky.)
Latraven Dunlap Bethel (Tenn.)
Dominic Moore Bethel (Tenn.)
Davius Prather Bethel (Tenn.)
J’Kobi Reddick Bethel (Tenn.)
Christopher Williams Bethel (Tenn.)
Antonio Wright Bethel (Tenn.)
Riley Wood Bethel (Tenn.)
Robert Beacham Bethel (Tenn.)
Jeremy Beaulieu Bethel (Tenn.)
Bret Peterson Bethel (Tenn.)
Malek Holman Bethel (Tenn.)
Tito Hunter Bethel (Tenn.)
Kolby Kahlden Bethel (Tenn.)
Christopher Richard Bethel (Tenn.)
Brayden Russell Campbellsville (Ky.)
Jeremy Hinds Campbellsville (Ky.)
Aiden Stewart-Hoskins Campbellsville (Ky.)
Austin Hash Campbellsville (Ky.)
Daniel Coffman Campbellsville (Ky.)
Trey Binder Campbellsville (Ky.)
John Chewning Campbellsville (Ky.)
Tyler Shobe Cincinnati Christian (Ohio)
Nathan Szymanski Cincinnati Christian (Ohio)
Trevor Williamson Cincinnati Christian (Ohio)
Nicholas Eilers Cincinnati Christian (Ohio)
Mikal Marble Cincinnati Christian (Ohio)
Michael Williams Cincinnati Christian (Ohio)
Khayree Wilson Cincinnati Christian (Ohio)
Brian Billingsley Cumberland (Tenn.)
Marcus Bryson Cumberland (Tenn.)
Ian Hafner Cumberland (Tenn.)
Ian Spence Cumberland (Tenn.)
Jimmy Turner Cumberland (Tenn.)
Champ Leddon Cumberland (Tenn.)
Tyler Tate Cumberland (Tenn.)
Brandon Taylor Cumberland (Tenn.)
Alex Finney Cumberland (Tenn.)
Kimlee North Cumberland (Tenn.)
Jacob Stewart Cumberland (Tenn.)
Justin Brown Cumberland (Tenn.)
Brenden Dickens Cumberland (Tenn.)
Jordan Higgins Cumberland (Tenn.)
Greg Davis Cumberland (Tenn.)
Tad Brown Cumberland (Tenn.)
DaMarkus Murrell Cumberland (Tenn.)
Helman Garcia Cumberland (Tenn.)
Kobe Bryant Cumberland (Tenn.)
Dylan Scott Cumberland (Tenn.)
Tamim Aldarawcheh Cumberland (Tenn.)
Nathan Bader Georgetown (Ky.)
Zachary Barber Georgetown (Ky.)
Evan Brinson Georgetown (Ky.)
Dylan Brock Georgetown (Ky.)
Zachary Dampier Georgetown (Ky.)
Tate Dowdy Georgetown (Ky.)
Jacob Etler Georgetown (Ky.)
Benjamin Jackson Georgetown (Ky.)
Germell Jenkins Georgetown (Ky.)
Hunter Krause Georgetown (Ky.)
Robert McFarland Georgetown (Ky.)
John Nguyen Georgetown (Ky.)
Daric Pugh Georgetown (Ky.)
Luke Sharrock Georgetown (Ky.)
Hayden Shelton Georgetown (Ky.)
Zachary Stump Georgetown (Ky.)
Thomas Wilks Georgetown (Ky.)
Ryan Wolf Georgetown (Ky.)
Richard Carroll Kentucky Christian
Nero Hawks Kentucky Christian
Kaleb Hunt Kentucky Christian
William Malashevich Kentucky Christian
Dametric McGrue Kentucky Christian
Noah Roberts Kentucky Christian
Zachary Smith Kentucky Christian
Austin Stowell Kentucky Christian
Kartavious Terry Kentucky Christian
Bryan Vanderlyn Kentucky Christian
Cage Street Lindsey Wilson (Ky.)
Drew Turner Lindsey Wilson (Ky.)
Payton Veraldi Lindsey Wilson (Ky.)
DeAngelo Barrios Lindsey Wilson (Ky.)
Lou Bunning Lindsey Wilson (Ky.)
Cullen Cox Lindsey Wilson (Ky.)
Eli Cross Lindsey Wilson (Ky.)
Cameron Dukes Lindsey Wilson (Ky.)
H.T. Fountain Lindsey Wilson (Ky.)
Chandler Gray Lindsey Wilson (Ky.)
Joe Gressette Lindsey Wilson (Ky.)
Julian Johns Lindsey Wilson (Ky.)
Isaac Keller Lindsey Wilson (Ky.)
Daniel Kimmel Lindsey Wilson (Ky.)
J.T. Lyon Lindsey Wilson (Ky.)
Trent Mueller Lindsey Wilson (Ky.)
Dawson Oliver Lindsey Wilson (Ky.)
Jaron Puckett Lindsey Wilson (Ky.)
Name School
Charles Mickens Ave Maria (Fla.)
Andrew Fichter Ave Maria (Fla.)
Stephen Killop Ave Maria (Fla.)
William Tate Ave Maria (Fla.)
Jose Torres Ave Maria (Fla.)
John Paul Harper Ave Maria (Fla.)
Evan Major Ave Maria (Fla.)
Lucas McAllister Ave Maria (Fla.)
Jack Weston Ave Maria (Fla.)
Brandon Butry Ave Maria (Fla.)
Sterling Curran Ave Maria (Fla.)
John Preyer Ave Maria (Fla.)
Trimi Slade Edward Waters (Fla.)
Christioni Robinson Edward Waters (Fla.)
Timothy Davis, Jr. Edward Waters (Fla.)
Alfredrick Tyson Edward Waters (Fla.)
Jarius Joyce Edward Waters (Fla.)
Basil Spencer Edward Waters (Fla.)
Michael Floyd Edward Waters (Fla.)
Reagan Amos Faulkner (Ala.)
Tanner Rainer Faulkner (Ala.)
Ryan Curran Faulkner (Ala.)
Austin Cummings Faulkner (Ala.)
T’Auntre Spence Faulkner (Ala.)
Vashon Jackson Faulkner (Ala.)
Brady Hancock Faulkner (Ala.)
Mike Altenor Keiser (Fla.)
William Bell Keiser (Fla.)
Thomas Budge Keiser (Fla.)
Alessandro Cantillo Keiser (Fla.)
Austin Cha Keiser (Fla.)
Sage Chen-Young Keiser (Fla.)
Kade Glenn Keiser (Fla.)
Logan Good Keiser (Fla.)
Donivan Hinds Keiser (Fla.)
Zachariah Istvan Keiser (Fla.)
Robenson Lafleur Keiser (Fla.)
Shaw Pomianowski Keiser (Fla.)
Cade Socha Keiser (Fla.)
Emmanuel Walker Keiser (Fla.)
Tyson Kee Southeastern (Fla.)
Marque Northington Southeastern (Fla.)
Dustin Peebles Southeastern (Fla.)
Cory Rahman Southeastern (Fla.)
Collin Weinland Southeastern (Fla.)
Chris Thompson Southeastern (Fla.)
Joshua Brown Warner (Fla.)
Trei Leonardo Warner (Fla.)
Garrett Evins Warner (Fla.)
Joshua Pinkney Warner (Fla.)
Robert Mast Warner (Fla.)

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