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Criteria for JERICHO Internship

  1. Must have Junior or Senior student credits (preferably from Journalism, or Communications major).
  2. Must have a least a 2.0 GPA.
  3. Must provide three letters of recommendation from University Staff, or Professor.
  4. Must submit a personal letter of interest (subject: Why I want to work in the media).
  5. Must submit writing samples.
  6. Must provide an audio sample in a news-style format.
  7. Must be available for a personal interview.

Description of Duties and Responsibilities for BCSN internship

  • Obtain the latest news and information from the Sports Information Department
  • Produce at least 1-5 minute audio segment that covers the sports activities on campus during the week
  • Prepare and write game previews and game recaps
  • Write 1-2 feature or spotlight stories per week
  • Establish positive relationships with athletic staffs, players and administration, as well as local media members that also cover athletic teams
  • Communicate via e-mail, or phone with BCSN home office at least once per day – Monday – Friday, and during games on the weekend
  • Be prepared to report with live information during games (Mandatory)
  • Gather historical information and statistics on athletic programs

Letters of recommendation must be from an adult on campus, for example, Professors, Administrators, or any staff member. These individuals need to have known you for at least 1 academic year and be accessible for a call from the BCSN. We will be looking for their opinion on your character, work ethic, personal commitment, and personal drive.

The title of the letter is: “Why I Love Black College Sports?” This paper should be no more than one and a half pages in length and no less than one page in length. The paper must be typed single-spaced and a 12 point Times Roman font.

The writing sample can be either a previously written, or a mock sports story on a current subject/topic. This will be evaluated on style, presentation, expression of the main point, and the ability to entertain the reader.

The audio sample will need to be a 5-minute cap of the top stories and scores from the campus. Include as many sports and as much information as possible. It should begin “Hello, this is Your Name, with the Your School Name BCSN report!” It should end with “This is Your Name reporting for the BCSN from Your Schools Name, now back to the studio”

Example Intro- “Hello this is Roy Eavins with the SC State BCSN report!”

Example Outro- “This is Roy Eavins reporting for the Black College Sports Network from Ft. Valley State University now back to the studio!”